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10 Prime Finds Under $10 for your Cringy Tween

August 02, 2018

10 Prime Finds Under $10 for your Cringy Tween

Eye Rolls, Smirks & Shrugs are all Part of the Job

Add these little gizmos and gadgets to your next Prime Order 

 Your tweens still won't think you are cool but maybe you will get a hug instead of a shrug. 

Bonus Points.... maybe they will let you take their picture without a Peace Sign, Bunny Ears or slumped over their phone. 

Two Tween Girls Call me Mom. On a Good Day. I love them. I made them. Nothing prepared me for this stage of life. They are GREAT kids. Smart, Strong and absolutely willing to stand their ground for what they call " living hate crimes " ( people who are racist, discriminate against special needs people etc. ) While it is never easy to navigate the teen years here are 10 products I buy, try and own from Amazon Prime under $10 that make life just a wee bit easier. 

All of these pieces are on ShopLuLu with a Link right to Prime.

 There is no shame in my hustle game I need to disclose that I do get paid to share these products with you. 

Headphone Splitter in Rose Gold

Headphone Splitter in Rose Gold

Genius Little Invention for the rare moment that they want to watch something together but more likely when they are with their friends and want to watch videos together

Tween Slime Bowl Kit

Slime Making Tool Kit

These were necessary because my kids ruined my favorite Wonder Woman Mug with their slime creations and my food containers are all covered in glitter

Pop a Piggie 5 Pack

Pop a Piggie - 5 Pak

A 5 pack of Piggie Stands on Prime is so much cheaper than buying just one of these cute little piggle butts. 

Plus we can share them with friends. They are super cute. 

Heated Bag Sealers

This is a Genius Invention

My kids are famous for opening a bag of cereal and just shoving it back in the box. We are on at least our 8th round of these tiny stapler looking heat sealing machines. When pressed the end filament gets hot enough to melt the bag back together like it is factory sealed. These little gizmo has so many uses. If we are traveling I take a baggie for our daily pills and make little sections.  It really is a handy little machine. We drop them a lot for some reason so we have worked through a bunch but they really are a must have. 

My Serial Shruggers at the Facebook NYC Office 

Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs

Have a Noise Sensitive Child ?

My oldest has Aspergers. She wears these on the bus. It's nice because since they are clear ( the cords pull out ) they are harder for the other kids to see. They come in a little pocket sized carrying tube. 

Paper Organizer

This one is for your Mom 

Until I had a system all of those first day papers like lunch numbers, locker combinations and bus assignments were lost in the pile on my desk. I adopted a habit of having one file for each child and  this folder has 5 pockets. I do school, doctor, sports, and then leave the back two for awards and keepsakes then file them away. Each new school year I buy a new file system for each child. If I ever need to go back, I know exactly where I can find what I need. 

butt face soap

I guess I am a bit of an Assh*le Mom

Butt there are some days, that I really wonder if they use soap when they shower and even grosser, they share a shower so who knows what they do in there. I feel like this double sided soap makes it pretty clear. 

The Creepy Baby Hand is a Must Own ! 

We spend hours entertaining ourselves with the Creepy Baby Hand making videos all over NYC.  Seriously, some days we laugh so hard I pee. It's so much fun to mess around with - Play the little video, it's hours of silly fun. 

Creepy Baby Hand

Grab your Own Creepy Baby Hand on Prime 

They come as singles, we bought 4 for pairs.

Finger Feet

And of Course there are Finger Feet

The feet come in a pair, luckily you get a left foot and a right foot. 

Flying Disco Ball

The Coolest Beach Toy at Night

While it takes a bit of getting used to, and I would NOT recommend it for little kids, and WATCH YOUR HAIR. This little guy looks super fun on the beach in the dark. 

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