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Yes, We Did !

October 01, 2014

Yes, We Did !

Flattered, Grateful, Humbled and REALLY Excited. 
As if things couldn't get better .... THIS HAPPENED 
Thank you !!!  We won all three awards in two states. Seriously, somebody pinch me !!! 
When I have felt down, someone has come in and made me laugh. 
When I have questioned my own ambitions, my successes and my failures, one of you funny ladies have come in here and kicked my butt back into shape 
And just when I am full of pride and want to be boastful, LuLu poops on the floor and reminds me what my job really is. 
Thank you , thank you for 10 years of love, laughter and tears. Looking forward to many more
xoxo, Jill 

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