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Why Does My Jewelry Turn Green ?

November 28, 2012

Why Does My Jewelry Turn Green ?

Drink Your Greens Don't Wear Them ! 

Since we opened LuLu's in 2005 this has been the number one question that I am asked by our customers. Sure, our jewelry is pretty and yes, the prices are too good to be true but that does not mean that we substitute quality for price ?  When did expensive become better ? That is not how we do it at LuLu's

All jewelry turns, whether it is real or costume,  gold, sterling silver or any type of metal. It is the combination of water and air that work at the finish leaving your jewelry dull and that not so great oxidized green color.  Here are a few tips from my jewelry box to yours to keep all of your jewelry looking as sparkly as it's owner. 

1. Your jewelry HATES water. Water is enemy Number 1 to your baubles. Glub glub in the tub equal green jewelry. Treat her with respect, remove her when stepping into the shower, hitting the beach or slipping into the sauna do your jewelry a favor and take her off. She is a dry weather kind of gal. 

2. Face it, our bodies contain water - it's a fact, none of us or immune. When removing your jewelry for storage keep a soft dry cloth ( even a soft old washcloth will do ) and give her a quick once over. Removing the residual moisture from wear will keep her shiny longer and will even give her a quick shine. 

3. Drop her in an airtight baggie - after giving her a quick towel dry , drop her into that baggie, it could even bee a kid's snack bag it doesn't matter, keep it sealed once that water gets in there, it is all down hill, green and gross can be prevented by simply a quick towel dry followed by a zip locked bag. 

My Number One Jewelry tip and the one that I think is the most valuable is this.....

Drop one of those pesty silica packets that come with your shoes and handbags into the baggie, fill your jewelry box with them and let them absorb the moisture instead of ruining the finish of your jewelry.  The silica gel is designed to pull in moisture. It absorbs it and keeps your jewelry shiny. Let your friends be green with envy of your sparkling fashions not your fashions be green with neglect. 

Sparkle On Fabulous Ladies !! 

xoxo Jill aka Lulu

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