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Finding New Life for a Favorite

January 08, 2013

Finding New Life for a Favorite

 I am definitely one of those people who know use words like " repurpose " or " upcycle " I find that we have so much in our own home that sometimes when I want to run to TJ Maxx or Marshalls to add some new bit of decor, sometimes if I just take a deep breath and look around my house, I can find exactly what I am looking for in what I already have. When I was writing for the Women's Journal I wrote the article about using Scarves to decorate around the house. I love my teal and brown scarf but I don't find her matching a lot of what I am wearing this season. Instead of letting her go stale and hang on the very very large bar of scarves in my collection ( collection sounds nicer than obsessive covets ) I pulled this oldie but goodie out and I am using her on my dining room table. I find this time of year is blah and drab. Too Soon for Valentines and I look lazy if I leave out the holiday items. I love walking in and seeing this scarf on the table. The littlest things make me happy. 

In her previous life ( with the ever dapper Mr. LuLu ) 


And Now , fabulously resting with some pine cones and other things I let my girls spray paint 



How do you repurpose ? I would love to have a look ! 

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