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My Super Awesome Commercial Shoot - Part 1

February 03, 2013

My Super Awesome Commercial Shoot - Part 1

 So if you know me, I am terrible at keeping secrets. Not yours, I am very very good at that but I can not keep my own for like two seconds so I can't believe I have made it this long.  Last September I got the most awesome opportunity to be the " Real Person with a Problem " in a commercial shoot for a MAJOR health and beauty aid ( I still need to keep that under wraps ) but in about two weeks you will get to see my finished debut.  In the meantime I wanted to share some behind the scenes photos and give you a little sneak peek at what it was like because you will hear all about my little fashion boutique in the commercial but I would not have that little fashion boutique if not for anyone who was kind enough to read this and love what I do. 


5 am - Not looking too bad for 5 am - we are in Rockefeller Center - we rode up to the Patrick Melville Salon and shared an elavator with Hoda Kotb who was gorgeous even without make up.  This is my superstar brother. 



Outfit Option Number One - rocking my super awesome anchor scarf. 



Ok, I will post more later, I have to run - my family is coming in for my Birthday today. Some girls may love that their birthday is falling on Super Bowl Sunday - Not me. I would like to think of it as N ational F abulous L ady day.

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