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My Awesome Day with Aveeno

March 15, 2013

My Awesome Day with Aveeno

 I have to admit, I am a lucky girl and I truly believe that if you put good things into the universe, the universe takes care of you. That and knowing people in the advertising industry doesn't hurt but again , it's the balance of the universe. When the email for a casting call first came across my desk looking for someone who doesn't have time for dandruff my first thought was - Ugh, I worry about that every time I try to show someone a scarf. Doing what I do, trying on necklaces for my customers I worry about things, my mind wonders are both boobs in my bra ? , do I have spinach in my teeth , do I have flakes. I was shocked when I was chosen to spend the day in New York at the  Patrick Melville Salon  in Rockafeller Center in New York City. If you know me, you know I spend my time mostly in Delaware but I dabble in the New York life and the Delaware Beach Bum world.  I am very thankful for the experience and I hope that everyone who does suffer from Dandruff tries the new Aveeno Nourish Plus Dandruff control shampoo, it really is an amazing product. Here is my diary from behind the scenes and the final video which is now all over the internet.  Here is my diary from the day 




Meeting up with my little brother ( aka Mr. Single and needs to get married so I can be an Auntie ) who made a lot of this magic happen 

One of my own scarves and the the first look. 



Final Look - I had to borrow the scarf from Jeannine from Beauty Sweet Spot


A few Spins in the Chair at Waa Laa  - 


Here is the final product - Enjoy xoxo Jill aka LuLu 


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