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Family Fun and Must Haves - The Beach Edit Summer 2018

May 14, 2018 1 Comment

Family Fun and Must Haves - The Beach Edit Summer 2018

Who is Ready for Summer Fun ?

I have searched the web here is my ..

What's Good Guide for Summer 2018 

There are absolutely affiliate links in this article.

 If I am sending you to Amazon it is an advertisement


See that Photo up there ? It's Me, in the black.... two things that you need to know 

1. That is the only photo of me in a swimsuit in existence which leads me to

2. That is the BEST BATHING SUIT EVER !!! 

I had mentioned it in my Mom's group and I know there were a lot of local Mamas who had grabbed it.  There is something about the cut of the fabric that just works out really really well. I am a solid size 18/20 and I have never felt so Kardashian in a suit.  I have a short torso and I had to buy a 4XL ( definitely hurts the old ego a bit ) but by far... this this suit !!!  These are the 3 I have picked up and own from Prime and my thoughts under each one. They all come in all sizes and the prices are all over the place on Amazon but PLEASE trust me on this one.... try it. You can always send it back !  The best part, all of these are under $25 on Prime 

Black Bathing Suit

I think there is Magic in Here
Seriously, this look amazing on everyone. I know you are looking at it and going, what the heck !! Trust me, it's worth a try. I have HUGE boobs and it totally works. The panels are flattering, I actually got compliment in my suit !  I have been told some of the colors start at $4.00

Take the risk, channel your inner Kim K. The worst thing that happens is you love it then remind your husband of the hotness you are and he starts shaving his back again . 

 You're Welcome 

There are a lot of colors available here 

Plus Size Navy Blue Bathing Suit

Definitely Not for an Ocean Frolic
A hot tub with adults. For sure

Swimming in the ocean with your kids...not so much...  Only if you are ok with a boob popping out.  I am not French. I am a chubby mom who grew up at the Jersey shore. Nipples out ... Not Ok. 

Again, the girl with the huge boobs here, the ladies sit nicely in the hammocks there, I had to pop the built in cups out , they did weird things but if you want to turn up the heat with the husband or looking for a new one, this is the way to go ! 

Sizes and Colors Here 

Two Piece Plus Size Suit

Because Moms Need to Get it Done 

There is nothing worse than frolicing  with your kids in the pool and then you being the one to have to go to the bathroom.

You drag them out of the pool crying, then you have to bribe them with the snack bar to make the long 5 foot trek to the ladies lounge , eat the snack, run from the bees and the next thing you know it's time to go home and make dinner.  Two pieces, easy up , easy down. 

Not the most trend setting but this suit gets it done. 

Check them out here.

Swim Floats

I have a problem with swim floats, it's me, it isn't my kids. 

I just love them. Unapologetically, gleefully and dangerously love them. 

 We have a shed full of about 200 of them that I have collected at our beach house. We have a giant community pool that no one uses and on any given day you will find me trying to haul my big butt up onto a poor Inflatable Crocodile.

 I am not even sorry about that. 

Here are a few of my favorites this year, all available on Prime. 

and Moms the Octopus Guy is just a courtesy eye candy for your Monday ! 

Click on the Photos to be Taken right to Amazon 

Giant Octopus Float
Family Island Float
Rose Bottle Pool Float
Balloon Animal Pool Float
Water Wheel
Giant Cell Phone
Big Fun Family Waterpark
Rose Pink Flamingo
Fun Water Wheel
Golden Unicorn
Avacado Pool Float
Air Pump

managing the elements

My oldest daughter has Aspergers. She does not like the beach. I live for the beach. I think sand in my suit means a day well played.  My daughter, that one grain of sand can take a perfect beach day and ruin the whole day for our whole family. I get it, I am super empathetic which leads me to this section. I do not take her sensory issues lightly but I am going to call myself a sort of " Comfort Expert " when it comes to family management at the beach or the pool . 

Sun and Sand 101 

My kids are 11 and 12 so I have been in the game for a bit. I also somehow have produced one of the whitest humans I have even seen.  Here are a few tried and true items I live with to make my summer a bit better. 

Sand Mitt - Removes Sand

The # 1 Product People ask me about from my 2017 list 

I wrote a list last year so you 

may see some repeats here but this by far was the one product I was thanked for the most.  I own 4 of these. 1 in my beach bag, 1 in my car, 1 in my pool bag and 1 for backup in case the other three disappear. 

No fancy technology here but this little mitt is the bomb. It just zooshes the sand off of feet, butts, eyelids. It's a miracle product and a life saver ! 

It pops in the washer with the towels for a quick clean up and you are back at sand removal in no time. 

Grab one for every mom you know on Prime 

Sun Bum

Hypoallergenic, Vegan, Paraben and Gluten Free

Also coming back from last year's list....My kids are allergic to the most random things. On several occasions I have gone through the loving act of slathering one of my children in sun screen only to have them screaming in pain like I lit them on fire.  We finally found Sun Bum last year. Their products are truly a life saver for my sensitive family .

Their lip protector is yummy, like your favorite lip smacker from the 8th grade and we use their aftersun products as well. 

See their entire line of Sun Care Products Here. 

Hola Hello Throw

You can Sit with Me

That is my actual photo. 

At our swim club you have to stalk chaises, and when you finally get one, it's usually wet with someone else's... well gunk.  I like to think it's pool water but it's a nasty combination of sunscreen, water, who know what else. 

The greatest thing about our rectangle throws is that they are cool and cotton, the sand slides right off. We sit on them all day and then we wrap up in them as we head back to the car. Because they are cotton they are soft and tightly woven for sand management. 

Available for Local Pick up

All Cotton Throws in Stock at ShopLuLu

Snuba Sun Shade

I can't lie to you ...
 I have spent a few minutes cursing at this thing. 

It's one of the tests of motherhood wills. 

It's like a twist and a pop to get it back in it's case.  Sure. 

After spending 40 sweaty, sandy covered minutes figuring out the right twist and the right pop.  My daughter lives in this thing. If I forget it, she spends the day sitting under the boardwalk scowling. 

Well Worth the money. 

I also won't lie, there may or may not have been one really windy day that this thing was sitting empty and launched like a rocket and took out a few families on the beach. 

IN the long run, the shade is worth the social awkwardness. 

Colors Here 

Battery Fan

This goes in the Tent
It's a portable, light weight battery fan.  Needless to say it probably is more wishful thinking that it has super cooling properties but it does come in handy.  There are days that we go for the long haul and it gets sweaty in the sand tent. It make everyone happy. 

Do NOT get the big idea that you can spray water into it and you will have a misting.... as I am now on my second one... 

Battery Operated. Under $15 dollars, fits in a beach bag and I would highly recommend carrying around  some extra batteries cause if this baby dies mid-day Mom's fun is over ! 

It's 5 inches in diameter and runs on D batteries. Great for young and old ! 

Check them out here 

Cell phone sand pouches

The Best $2 you can spend
We took a family vacation to Mexico and went to a waterpark. We got there late and there were no lockers to rent. We had our keys, our money and our cell phones. The waterpark was selling a similar pouch for 9 dollars. They are triple sealed to keep out the sand and water and they fit the really big cell phones. The pouch is touch friendly. Full phone functionality. I had seen people trying to take pictures through them and swimming with them under water. I am NOT telling you that this is the answer with these as they are $2 dollars but for safe water and sand protection we have them in stock. 

Local Pickup Available Wilmington, DE  

Tripe Seal Pouches 

Just Keeping in Real 

Let's Face it as Moms in the Summer we are expected to be Ninja Stealthy in all sorts of real life problem solving. From Bees Stings to Scraped Knees.  Dripping Ice Cream to Summer Boredom, here are a few life saving products I have in my life that just keeps my tribe happy. 

First Aid Kit

Preparation is Key 

For those times that you have Youtube in one hand learning how to handle that Boo Boo emergency while fumbling for that old band aid in your purse 

I bit the bullet and went big.

 We travel everywhere in the summer with an emergency First Aid kit. Sometimes just the peace of mind of having 100 pieces of First Aid on hand makes me a bit more confident I am  able to share in the wealth of medical supplies with another mom. I like the appearance of being ready. How I feel when I see any child bleeding is a different story. 

First Aid Kit on Prime 

B12 Nuggets

There is NO Science here. But I did not get ONE mosquito bite last year. 

I was one of those kids who was covered in mosquito bites all summer. I swear the first mosquito of the season has a tiny picture of me in a Wanted sign. I guess I am just that sweet. All kidding aside and there is absolutely no medical or scientific claim here but I took 1000 mcgs of Vitamin B12 last summer daily and did not get ONE BITE. NOT ONE and I live outside all summer. The downside, your pee smells terribly and the capsules are the size of my chihuahua but it's worth it to me! 

Vitamin B12


When All Else Fails there is UNO

I have been traveling around with UNO for over 5 years. Ask me, anytime you see me ask me to show you my UNO. It saves my life on so many occasions. My purse pack is so old school and worn.We play all the time. waiting for doctors, waiting for food at restaurants.

Pool Side is a favorite time but the cards fly away at the first breeze. Then we found this off brand set.

These plastic UNO cards are awesome because not only are they waterproof they are plastic so they don't take off in a summer breeze. 

Available on Prime 


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May 22, 2018

Love love love this blog! I will be checking all of these out (especially the bathing suits!) because I trust you and love you and know you don’t steer people wrong! xoxoxox

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