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Feel Good Friday at

April 23, 2018

Feel Good Friday at

Thank you for an amazing season.... 

While my moving around the local area is nothing new with my seasonal popups, this particular season has been amazing. I am so thankful for the lucky  13 years of Local Shopping. I have been so lucky to meet so many strong, inspiring, kind and generous women.  

The local office at 2417 Silverside is closed for the season but for the summer all pick ups and return drop offs will be at Natural Nails on Marsh Road. 

 Something that is important to me is that owning  ShopLuLu allows me to support the schools and organizations in our community.  Shopping small is so important. We see stores closing every day. Big Stores, stores we thought would never fail. Running a retail business is nearly impossible these days. It's a sad state of the shopping world. 

Beyond making financial donations to the schools and nonprofits who support us we also are a job training center for the Brandywine School District's SITE program. It is a program that helps young adults from 18 - 21 gain real life job training to gain paid employment when they leave the program. You can read more about our work with SITE Here

Working with SITE  at the Holidays. Even my husband is in on the action. We are so thankful every single day that we have the chance to teach about Integrated Workspaces. 

My Heartsong - In 2005 I was told my daughter was never going to walk or talk. I knew right then our lives would be different. She walks and talks but the least I could do is help other families help their children with job skills. 

Thank you for you Support of my business and allowing me to have the time with my girls !  Being their mom inspires me everyday.  I would love to tell you more about how your company can create job training or create employment for the Special Needs Community.  Just send me an email... 

I am not done for this season just yet.... 

I have a TON of small items, some really nice jewelry, scarves, sweaters, hats including kids furry bear hats, hair clips and when I say some, I mean TONS of it left that I just want to move on and I would love to donate to the local charities. schools and non-profit or not for profit organizations.  I am making appointments for Friday and I would like to donate to as many as I can with the goal being about 100 - 300 dollars worth of merchandise to as many places as I can. I do require documentation so a form or letter  will be needed either at the time of donation or afterwards.  

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