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For the Girls that are Always in my Heart....

March 17, 2018 2 Comments

For the Girls that are Always in my Heart....

I want you to Know

If you haven't heard by now, I have decided to close the Delaware office. 

It isn't you... it's me.  Actually, it's my daughters. It's my desire to be a mother who doesn't suck. 

I want you know how much I struggle with the decision of what to do with my life in Delaware.  My business life that is because I love the heck out of all of you. You are my story. You are so very important to me.  

I started Shop LuLu in 2005 as online handbag business. I grew up in a house where my parents owned retail businesses, I know the toll it takes on a family  and when I was starting I was committed to being  100 % online.  Then I found that with purses everyone wanted to try them on, try them out, I found the Farmer's Market and thought how bad could this be, it's only two days a week.  I missed seeing my kids grow up on the weekend, the birthday parties, the family time. 

 I don't regret the amazing times I have had with all of you, I do regret not being more present when they were little. 

Last Saturday morning  a friend posted a photo of her two adorable children, they were having breakfast, they had a Sesame Street paper plate, the cute water bottle, kids just being kids on a Saturday morning. " I did that too, I miss those days " ran through my mind. 

 My brain flashed and  I realized that my girls don't remember any of that, the cute paper plates, the Mickey shaped pancakes, the water bottles in the theme of their cartoon dujour but I worked so hard to make every waking minute of their day the most magical it could be.

 It worked because I am honored that both of my girls believe that I make magic happen. 

What they don't know is that my magic sort of expired, as they got older, and now as eye rolling teens, I have sort of backed off, I have given them their space, I let them be and it has been ok because I have a busy life. 

The one thing everyone asks me is " How do you do it all ? "  

 I have always answered either, " I just do" or" I do it all but I don't do any of it well"

That right there, that indifference to not doing all of my jobs well because I have too many is the reason why I have decided to close the Delaware office. I do everything to it's fullest. I don't half ass anything but I am just too full.

  I am not doing anything well. I am not being critical of myself. I am being honest. 

I realized that THIS is the time that my girls will remember. 

THIS is when they need my magic. 

THIS is the stuff that good mothers are made of. 

This time, this place. 

 I need to be present.

 I want to live a life without being attached to a phone.

 My time is sacred to me. 

Money I can make, I don't get a do over on time. 

 I want to make sure that I am leaving my girls with the right memories. The memories that their mom loves to travel, that when they talk to me I am listening.  I want them to accept everyone, judge no one. 

Be GOOD humans. 

Be Present and have a burning passion for a life less ordinary.

I have never lived an ordinary life and while being a mom and having a Delaware office have rooted me for a bit, it's time to get back to a life full of wander. will go on forever. I have a person who packs in New York

I will still do what I do, other than that office not being there LuLu will still go on.

Only a tiny part of what I do comes from local customers,our business has grown and only like 5 % of my revenue comes from our locals. 

 I love you and seeing you but it costs me over a thousand dollars a month to keep that office. It's time to let it go. 

Jeremy and I will continue going back and forth to NYC.

 We will be muling jewelry and orders just like always.

Most of my customers are my friends, Jen and I are glad to deliver and I am setting up a super cute office / studio at home. 

Jen will be staying with me. We will continue to work with SITE. They will get all of our products ready to go to Amazon.

Job training for these exceptional kids is my heart song.  

I will be converting the site to Free Shipping for All Orders. 

I have been made an offer to work for a Media company to  take my life, my family and my business and fold them into a marketing and media campaign. A lot more details to come as this unfolds. There is so much to tell you about here but it's super exciting ! 

Right now we are shipping all of our Delaware inventory to Prime locations across the country. You will be able to find me on and on Amazon plus our regular Facebook etc.

We are in the process of building up  Cozy by LuLu on Amazon Prime. 

Once  we are done sending everything off. We will clean house and have one of those massive sales that you all love. 

My life right now is moving forward and sometimes change is messy. 

Thank you for understanding, you support, friendship and caring are truly what having a small, local , mom owned community business is all about. 



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March 19, 2018

So, are you having the shop open today? I’m looking to get the Teapot bracelet. If its not in the shop Ill order online.

Kathy Pié
Kathy Pié

March 17, 2018

Go Jill!

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