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What's Good ? The Prime Guide to Easter and Passover

March 26, 2018

What's Good ? The Prime Guide to Easter and Passover

Let Prime Save Your Spring Holidays

   ............. so you can Enjoy Like a BOSS

While shoveling snow last week I realized that the Spring Holidays have Snuck up on Me ! 

Last Easter, my kids and I swam neck deep in the Delaware Bay. 

This year, Mukluks and Easter Baskets ! Lamb Shank and Layers.

I never worry, I know Prime has got my back. I have put together some of the best Prime Finds I could find to save your holiday.

 I love Prime, in a pinch it allows me to squeeze in a little gift for a time when I just can't make it home, from Pets to Babies and everything in between. I have covered all the important holiday details right here. 

Let's get started !  Full Disclosure, we are Celebretaurions - we created our own " thing "  we celebrate all holidays. Invite us over. We will show up with the right gift  ! 

FTC Required Disclosure... There is no shame in my hustle game.... 

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Shop LuLu... by Prime

A few Spring Ideas from Us to your to Finish Off your Spring Look . All  Primeable and Ready to Go 

Click the Pic to be Taken to our Wonderful tiny little spot of Amazon Prime.  

Where would I be without Prime in my Life ? 

Pastel Fan Earrings
Anna Necklace Set
Mama Bear Necklace
Blossom Scarf
Blush Pink Floral Poncho
Sky Blue Whale Scarf

Gifting... by Prime

2 Days... Boom , Done, Gift Wrapping Available on Most Products. 

How do you Jew ? Passover Edition

A Fun Passover Icebreaker

Moving up from the kids table ? Breathe some life back into the family seder with a box of How do you Jew - Passover Icebreaker cards. 

Amazon Prime Flower Deliver

Did you know that you can get fresh Flower Arrangements on Prime ? 
I kid you not, see the full line of available arrangements ... LIFESAVER !!!

 Prime Power ! 

Echo Products

Pretty Much Any Echo Product 
My Prime powered life is run but an army of these little ladies, Alexa tells me where to go, how to get there and what the weather is going to be , I love her, she loves me, our relationship is the healthiest one I have. 

Barnett's Cookie Gift Box

Barnett's Gourmet Cookie Gift Box. 
 A beautiful and delicious assortment of Gourmet dipped cookies. Handcrafted from only premium ingredients, using delicious nuts, chocolate and toppings. Kosher CRC

Unlocking Greatness Easter Egg

An Egg with a Cause

 Unlocking Greatness helps 

support children with chronic medical conditions AND the fight against child human trafficking.  A " Healthier " Version is Available too.

Manhattan Toy Baby Bunny

Baby Bunny Dress Up

Manhattan Toy  

has done it again, This baby bunny comes ready to hop into a special little person's heart. 

Big Persons too ! 

Fun, Odd and Needed.. by Prime

Keep Scrolling in there is no Smile in your Soul 

The Trump Passover Haggadah

Yes, this is a Real Product
If you're an afflicted liberal Jew, with an unconservative sense of humor, and you find traditional Seders as dry as matzo, try these radically irreverent political parody Haggadahs this Passover. .

Unicorn Fart Candy

One Candy that Most Kids won't be finding from the Easter Bunny. 

  I can't really say much here except that I am a 46 year old Mother of two tweens who will be mortified that I am sharing this. I thought Potty humor was a perfect pairing to the Trump Haggadah.

Egg Hunt Champion Shirt

Egg Hunt Attire is all the Rage ! 

Celebrate a Winning Hunting Season. There are so many great Easter Shirt Options available on Prime in all shapes, colors and sizes. I love the idea of celebrating a big win ! 

Lot's of Great Easter Tshirts on Prime

Animal Boogers

Allergen Free Animal Boogers Candy 
Frogs, Chicks, Lambs and Bunnies. The best part ? Allergen free. No gluten, dairy, nut, soy or eggs. Made in a gluten and nut free environment. 

Swedish Fish Eggs

The Only Egg I need this Easter ! 
I have a serious Swedish Fish addiction. If you are hosting a community event. have a lot of friends, have kids with a lot of friends or just love those little red fishies like I do this 24 count of Candy Caviar get the job done. 

Passover Plague Masks

Passover Plague Masks
Let's face it, as Jews, we get a bit jonsed in the " Commercialized Holiday Fun " department but let's enjoy these super fun foam masks at the Seder Table. 

Holiday Home.. by Prime

2 Days... Boom , Done, Gift Wrapping Available on Most Products. 

Tissue Paper Palooza

Tissue Paper Palooza

This 27 piece decor kit will up your Spring table game by 121%. Lanterns, Flowers, Stripes and Spinners can be used over and over for all kinds of events. 

Spring Pet Collar

Your Pup Likes being Festive Too 
4 Styles and a few sizes, these spring Pet collars are adorned with everything from Easter Eggs to Spring Blooms 

Bluetooth Party Bulb

The Bluetooth Party Bulb
Show them that you get tech. Over 16 million options , dimmable and a fun Smartbulb to play with from your phone. Set the tone, from party to peaceful. 

100 count bunny napkins

100 Count Bunny Napkins

Let's face it, guests are messy. This megastack of super festive bunny napkins will not only make for a cheerful clean up , you can not look at their jellybean colors and not feel a bit happy on the inside. 

6 Easter Egg Nests

A 6 Pack of Sparkling Easter Egg Nests   
I love little accents that look real but are full of whimsy. My girls would love these. Real enough to be taken home and loved on by a little person, these Egg Nests are a gorgeous accent to a spring table and you get six in your Prime pack. 

Passover Party Pack

Passover Paper Party Pack 

After that 4th cup of wine, kick back and relax. No dishes, no problem this Pesach Passover Party Plate Pack ( say that 3 times fast ) gets the job done. 

Basket Fillers and Small Gifts Under $10

........... by Prime

From Snarky Tweens to Aging Queens and everyone in between. 

Bunny Ears Inflatable Ring Game

Bunny Ears Inflatable Ring Toss Game 
Family Fun for everyone. Nothing like Making Memories while trying to hit your sibling in the face with an inflatable ring. 

LED Light Up Shoe Laces

Fancy Feet - LED Light Up Laces 
Super Fun, Waterproof and good for up to 40 hours these laces are a GOOD TIME ! 

imac skins

iMac Skins 
Dress Up that iMac with fun and fancy keyboard skins. Make work feel fun again ! 

Chocolate Bunny Rubber Duckies

Chocolate Bunny Ducks 
Fun for everyone, a dozen chocolate rubber ducky bunnies can be yours before Easter on Prime.  

Chakra Crystal Set

Chakra Meditation Crystal Set  
Need an extra bit of Om to get you through the family celebration - this set can be your go to. Chakra Balancing, hold onto one in your hand as a soothing stone or if it's really bad warm them up and rub them on your temple to help with that tension headache. It's not about religion, it's about soothing your soul. 

Money Box

When you Run out of Gift Ideas, Cash is Always King

But at least have some fun with it. For the price, this Trekbest Cash Cube is as inexpensive as some of the Greeting Cards that I have picked up latey. 

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