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Looking for the perfect gift

for the most stylish person you know ? 


 Men, Women, Teens, Tweens & Everyone in Between ! 

Our Scarf of the Month Membership Subscription has been a huge fan favorite. 

On the 15th of Each Month the LuLu team selects a Scarf to be shipped to your gift recipient.  

We select the scarf based on our current best sellers and seasonal trends.

We look at previous selections made by us and if there were any tradebacks.

The scarf arrives via USPS First Class Mail after it is shipped from our Delaware Design Studio. 



What to Expect 

Once your order is placed we will review your order. We make sure we have all of the information we need and your First Month's Scarf is shipped to your intended within 3 business days.

Included in the first shipment are :

  • An introduction letter including any custom notes from you plus Tradeback Instructions.  
  • Each Membership comes with courtesy " Tradebacks "  depending on the duration of the membership. Please See Product Descriptions for Details                                                      
  • Welcome Card
  • First Month's Scarf. All scarves are shipped in air tight and water protecting factory sealed mailers. 

The Next Selection will be shipped the 15th of the next calendar month. 


Why this Project is Special

In 2005 I had my first daughter at 27 weeks, she was 13 weeks early, under 2 pounds and I was told she was never going to walk or talk.  The world of Special Needs families became my world.  Our program is designed as a job training opportunity for Young Adults with Disabilities between the ages of 18-21 through a local program called SITE run through our school district in Delaware. 

The team of young adults with Intellectual and Development Disabilities are responsible for the monthly membership which includes the wrapping, packing and shipping.   

We do apologize in advance if there is an occasion sticker a little misaligned or a corner not folded just right but we hope that you can join us in seeing that those little slips are part of a wonderful big dream. 

You can read more about our work with SITE Here 


FAQ Scarf of the Month Questions : 

Q. I didn't like this month's scarf selection what can I do ? 
A. Each Membership If you have " Trade Back " Opportunities left just shoot us an email to we will send you a return label. Once your return is received we will add another month to your membership. Each Membership comes with a set amount of Trade Back Opportunities.

Q. Can I pick out my scarves ?  
A.  No, Scarf of the Month is designed to be a sampler, to get you out of your comfort zone and into something new.  We will take your suggestions but there are no guarantees but we always to do our best to accommodate you. 

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