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Our Job Training Program for Teens with 

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

In 2016 we joined forces with our local school district and became a job training partner for the SITE program. The program helps teens from 18 - 21 get on the job training for future employment. Our training team is solely responsible for our Scarf of the Month program and our Amazon Prime program. We believe that purpose and passion help to create the confidence that we all need to succeed.

1/6/21 USPS Update- Any Order Placed from 12/14 and later has shipped. We are 100 % on all of our orders being out the door. We apologize for the USPS's shipping delays. We assure you, and not to give away ownership but we did our job and we appreciate the kindness of our customers understanding that this was not something that we had control of. We see the same tracking that you do and we hope that you understand that no wrong doing was done on our part and that we are eternally grateful for your support of our small business.