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Who is Shop LuLu ?

Our Customers are Everything to me, I could not do what I do without them. If in doubt about our site, here is what they say...... 
From Jill Fella - You can truly find everything and anything you need to compliment any outfit no matter what occasion, season and style. Fast shipping, excellent customer service, carefully curated quality can't beat the experience of shopping online at I'm a loyal LuLu'er for life.
My go to "special place" for all my gifts & coolest goodies! LuLu fan 4 Life! - Candace Roseso
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The Real Star of the Show , LuLu, Shop LuLu's Name Sake - she is 17 this year. I am hoping she is immortal. 
Just a few of the award that show we are a company of good, nice people. People really vote and like us , starting all the way back in 2012 and we just won again in 2017...... ( pats self on back ) 
And if you are not impressed yet..... I am an Aveeno " Real Woman " check me out in this Ad..that's even my voice in the voice over - legit famous now....

1/6/21 USPS Update- Any Order Placed from 12/14 and later has shipped. We are 100 % on all of our orders being out the door. We apologize for the USPS's shipping delays. We assure you, and not to give away ownership but we did our job and we appreciate the kindness of our customers understanding that this was not something that we had control of. We see the same tracking that you do and we hope that you understand that no wrong doing was done on our part and that we are eternally grateful for your support of our small business.